Space Bros

Dallas Bentley OG


Pre 98 Bubba cut, West Hollywood 2005

 Heavy Effects/Blast Off

Dallas Bentley OG is the Pre 1998 Bubba Kush cut, a direct sibling of the Bros’ Chapo OG. This original Kush phenotype expresses sweet almondy notes followed by hashy gas fumes. Similar to its sister “Chapo”, Dallas Bentley OG is covered heavily by dense trichomes giving off a heavy resin stench. The Bro’s prize this OG cut because of its close relation to the true original OG Kush genetic, however its brighter more vibrant flower colours along with its slightly nutty terpene distinguish it from the Chapo OG. The smoke is heavy like any true OG but possesses a sweeter but musky taste which is unlike the Chapo cut.  

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